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Developed and Made

We are 100% New Zealand. All chilling systems have been designed here and are built here. Coolsense follows the principles of LEAN manufacturing. We have made the factory a clean stress free environment with everything at the engineers’ fingertips so they can focus exclusively on making a beautifully specified system that will stand the test of time. A Milk Protection System.


Protection System

Our focus is on producing a milk protection system that meets the compliance standard of milk chilling and which supervises both product temperatures and the systems performance. We’ve stepped above and beyond New Zealand standards and implemented technology and code which meet world standards for milk chilling.


You Money

The Vari‐COOL is one of the most energy efficient and advanced systems in the market. The build quality and payback provides you with the most efficient and robust snap chilling system that you can get your hands on … and will continue to reward your pocket for the next 20 years.


Back To You

We now have the ability to report back to you showing the savings the Vari‐COOL generates, logging the temperature of milk before and after the snap chilling process along with the holding temperatures in the milk silo. Not enough, it will self‐calculate your energy savings in real time for you.


Coolsense assembles only the best state of the art refrigeration componentry from the most reliable manufacturers from around the world and this forms the foundations of the Vari‐COOL snap chilling refrigeration system.

The Vari‐COOL chassis is fully galvanised and powder coated, the condensers are polymer dipped therefore giving the system an on farm expected life span of 20 years plus and the componentry used in our systems are from only reputable manufactures that produce high quality and energy efficient equipment.

The Vari‐COOL is currently the only chilling system in the marketplace that is capable of performing the following tasks simultaneously:

  1. Milk snap chilling to sub 6 degrees.
  2. Chill multiple milk vats simultaneously.
  3. Vary the output matching the chilling load presented on farm at any one time.
  4. High grade heat recovery to a maximums of 70 deg C and 480lt/hr.
  5. System and tank temperature monitoring.
  6. “A grade” energy efficiency ratings to a proven 3.6 and above.
  7. Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity
  8. Water conservation through unique milk plate cooler design.


A highly efficient packaged chilling system focusing on water and glycol as its heat transfer method, a low carbon footprint through the conservation of water, electricity and refrigerant, high grade heat recovery and thermal storage technologies to produce low running cost. Sound good?

The Vari‐COOL has a simple method for calculating its own return on investment as it has a built in “energy meter” which monitor chilling capacity and heat recovery in real time. In order to verify any systems energy efficiency the method is simply a division of the energy produced by the energy consumed. Therefore the Vari‐COOL system is fitted with a kilowatt hour meter that records each watt of electricity being used. Once this simple calculation has been performed by the Vari‐COOL’s microprocessor is then shown in real time and recorded as a trend.