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Is your dairy farm ready for the elimination of high GWP refrigerant gases?

By 2024, the use of many refrigerant gases in New Zealand
will be reduced to 50%. By 2030, they will be
phased out completely.

On the one hand, this will result in a significant
reduction in CO2 emissions.

On the other hand, what’s going to chill your milk and
keep it at standard?

CoolCare’s cost-effective modern solution

Using next-generation refrigeration technology, with low GWP refrigerant,
creative energy efficiency and real-time monitoring.

This means you can keep doing what you do best – but now you can do it better and save money.

This is a genuinely effective option that saves money and the environment, will help keep you compliant and help your farm operate with more transparency and efficiency.

80% Reduction
on refrigerant

Our tested technology has low power consumption and high grade heat recovery


We have developed a chilling system that doesn’t rely on harmful and non-compliant coolant gases.

30% Greater efficiency
than existing

Using snap chilling capabilities, the coolsense system has been proven to outperform current existing systems.

Get your chilling system connected

Our solution includes the CoolCare Connection. This is a vital element of the machine's operation and
facilitates the use of only one machine to look after all of your milk chilling requirements.

By using the visibility of the remote connection, our team can monitor your chilling system and rectify any
issues remotely or onsite, so you don't have to worry about your milk standard before collection.

About CoolSense

Since 2013, CoolSense has been working on a solution that will benefit both dairy farms and the environment. Using next-generation refrigeration technology, our team of specialist engineers have developed an alternative chilling system that is more efficient, cost-effective, delivers transparent data reporting, and provides you with our CoolCare Connection to our service engineers.

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