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Is Your Dairy Farm Ready For the Elimination Of High GWP Refrigerant Gases? 

By 2024, the use of many refrigerant gases in New Zealand will be reduced to 50%. By 2030, they will be phased out completely. You need to start taking action now!

In the video, Allan Steele (owner/founder/CEO) and Tim Heeley (CEO) discuss key concerns and benefits regarding outdated cooling systems currently being used on farms.

  • Old systems: 1 unit of electricity producing 1.5 units of cooling

  • Coolcare system: 1 unit of electricity producing 4 units of heating and cooling

  • Greater quality assurance required

  • Reducing input costs to maximise profit on the farm

  • Becoming proactive regarding environmental regulations

  • Outdated systems using gases that will be phased out

  • Monitor any farm in real time to identify problems throughout New Zealand